Each ‘Goopz’ has been created in 3D using Blender using a sculptural approach to the modelling of each unique character. Thanks to the revolutionary technology behind the RMRK2.0 contract, it’s possible to ‘equip’ each Goopz with alternate ‘textures’ and additional creatures (for the rare Goopz only). The collection is now limited to 66 Goopz in total, 30 ‘rare’ which have multiple extra resources and 36 ‘common’, which have one additional resource that can be added the the base NFT.

A collection of lab experiments given life by a toxic ‘goop’. Warning, may be highly addictive!

Goopz #15 by Craigers

Visit https://singular.rmrk.app/collections/bed8e57427f6a2ca6e-GPZ for the original RMRK 1.0 collection (version 2.0 arriving soon).