I am a multimedia artist with over 20 years of commercial and artistic practice. My paintings, prints and animations have been exhibited in traditional galleries in Belfast and Berlin, and I am an active member of the cryptoart community, which enables artists to monetise their digital artwork, while providing blockchain authenticity of the material for an art collector.

My artworks are updated regularly on my www.twitter.com/CraigSmithArt1 feed, as well as my https://linktr.ee/craigers account that features a number of online platforms that sell my work.

Feel free to contact me for more information and details on my artwork.


My Cyber pyramid ‘Submariner’ animation is now available on the Foundation platform

Cyber Pyramid Submariner


Cyber Pyramid – ‘Temptation’ animation is available to view on the eco-friendly SignArt.App Platform

Cyber Pyramid Temptation


My digital painting ‘Eraserhead’ (Limited edition of 10), is available for purchase on the eco-friendly Ghostmarket.io

Eraserhead 4/10 A homage to David Lynch’s first feature-length film ‘Eraserhead’, and the filmmaker himself. Digital painting with photographic, pen detail and abstract painting techniques. 2928 x 3332 pixels .PNG.

Benzaiten and her messenger

Benzaiten is the goddess of everything that flows: water, words, speech, and music. She can be regarded as a heavenly muse who inspires mortals to create great stories. She is most powerful during the winter months, when the days are short and the nights are long. Animation available on Knownorigin

Benzaiten and her Messanger