About me

I am a multimedia artist with over 25 years of commercial and artistic practice. My paintings, prints and animations have been exhibited in traditional galleries in Belfast and Berlin, and I am an active member of the cryptoart community, which enables artists to monetise their digital artwork, while providing blockchain authenticity of the material for an art collector. While my work is varied, both in terms of aesthetics and themes, underlying it all is a desire to communicate new concepts to a viewer and to connect with them on a deeper level.

I joined the NFT art landscape in September 2020 in order to monetise my digital art and have enjoyed numerous sales and collectors as a result. I mostly ‘mint’ my work on Tezos and Kusama blockchains at present as they are environmentally friendly.

My artworks are updated regularly on my www.twitter.com/CraigSmithArt1 feed, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/craigjamessmith, as well as my https://linktr.ee/craigers account that features a number of online platforms that sell my work.

My work is always looking for new ways to communicate my concepts to the world, whether that’s through an intimate single edition painting, or a large collection that brings something new to the NFT landscape. Follow my Twitter to view regular updates on what I’ve been creating.