Craig Smith Painting

Craig is an artist, independent scholar, and filmmaker who draws inspiration from the Irish landscape, themes of identity, and urban subcultures. Craig uses a range of techniques within his paintings to layer colour and texture. His work is at times energetic with a notable expressive use of paint on canvas, and at other times methodical and measured. His paintings often exhibit washes of paint combined with palette knife layering and mark-making scores in the paint that resemble handwriting. His experimental film work focuses on abstract moments in time, the human body, and semi-fictional narratives that present an alternative vision of the world.


‘Harajuku Jam’
PS2 Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
26 October – 13 November 2007
The exhibition explores themes of identity and environment, within the Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan

Stattbad Wedding, Berlin
18-20 June 2010
Nominated finalist in experimental film category.


Graduated from University of Ulster, Belfast art college with 1:1 first class honours in 1996.

MA in Film Studies from Queens University Belfast, Northern ireland 2010.

PhD in Film studies from Queens University Belfast, Northern ireland 2013.